local artist allendale and newaygo, mi

Artist and Owner, Katie DeVries realized her passion while working with wood and power tools. Her eye was drawn to unique flaws in each piece of meticulously chosen wood to create her artwork, finding the beauty in each and every perfect imperfection.
An independent and empowered woman, Katie started Out of the Barn to provide for her family, and grew her business by simply following her heart... 102%! In the beginning of the pandemic, unable to create, and feeling out of sorts, she feared she'd have to put her dreams aside. Katie decided to focus on supporting fellow small businesses and women entrepreneurs, by coordinating pop-up vendor shows on her property. As the shows grew exponentially over five months and built community, and morale, Katie realized it also fueled her passion when she was mentoring and being supportive of others. Katie's artwork demands resulted in an outgrown space and Katie & Company was born! Katie fell in love with the charming town of Newaygo, Michigan and found a downtown storefront where she can sell her artwork, and it has space for pieces from other talented Michigan artisans, giving her an opportunity to fuel both of her passions. Katie is a member of the Allendale and Newaygo Chamber of Commerce to stay active in both communities and donates to local community outreach programs.